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Enhancing Yellow In Lutinos

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Hi all,


I have a couple of lutino lacewings and also a lutino split to lacewing. The yellow displayed in my lacewings are quite strong but I am wanting to have a nice buttercup look to the baby lutinos/lacewings. Bred a couple lacewings from the season just passed and the babies were very pale yellow.


I have read that the dark greens or olive greens are best to use in lutino lines but i am wondering if it is the same for lacewing lines. Cinnamon often takes out the color so would I need to breed pure lutinos with dark greens?


I'm also not sure if you are able to get dark greens or olive greens split to lutino, if you can get them split, is it better to breed splits to my lacewing hens or just pure greens. I have only got one cock which is lutino and the rest of my lacewings are female.



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I haven't learned much about the genetics. Not that I wouldn't like to learn it's just all so complicated. Hope you get an answer soon. :)

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Well, like phoebes I too know2 little to near nothing. But I breed a pure lutino with a cobalt hen, and he will almost all the time produce at least 1 lutino hen, and a cobalt body and lutino headed male. I have also recently got a very different mutation from the pair, which gave me well I don't even know. I will post a picture.

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This page seems to be well explained. http://www.officialb...legenetics1.htm It explains about all the mutations. I'll try to read further to find info about lutino. I couldn't find info on lutinos on the page. What do you think a dark factor does?

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Dark greens or olives

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Thanks for the help guys, the first lacewing i bred was from a split ino cock and a normal dark green hen and she is a fairly deep yellow. So I guess I will just purchase a new cock to pair with one of my lacewings.

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