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Nestbox Puzzle

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Hi all,


I am hoping you can help me with some puzzling behaviour. I have a hen who won't go into a nest box. She sits outside it and stares into it but she just won't go in. She is a biggish double spangle. She gets friendly with her partner preening and cozing up to him. The nest box is a standard store bought rectangle box. Has anyone had this happen before? Any ideas?



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She might be wary of the box for a while, how long has it been there?

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Budgies like the nestbox high up, so if it is on the floor of the cage, she probably won't use it.

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The box in the top corner of the breedin cage and I left her with it for about 2 months before I gave up and put her mate in with someone else.

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Did you try putting a piece of millet in the box? Sometimes a first timer will be wary of going inside, but they might get up the nerve for some millet. :)


Maybe next time you try this hen she will go in. I've had that happen before with first timers, and then the next time I gave them a box there was no problem.

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Sorry for the late reply - internet went down for over a week. One of the joys of country living! Thanks for that suggestion I will give it a try.

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