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Pictures Of The Pinkies (Phoebes)

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Lady's and Mixies first 2 babies for this season




The pair the didn't produce chicks for 3.5 years 2 first babies




(the little chick is not dead, it just nuzzled into the nesting material)

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OMG they are soooooo cute!

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So beautiful :)

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I bet you have a couple more pinkies today!

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There was another pinkie to the first pictures clutch, I am thinking that the second pictures clutch won't have anymore, but you never know.

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Good to see you have a result after so long. Worth the wait I hope. Did you candle eggs to see if more are fertile?

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I haven't with the long wait pair, but that was supposed to be all for the others. I will do that and get back to you.

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Hey, do you have pics of the parents?

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Bad news, the 2nd pictures chicks died yesterday. I am not sure what happened, they were fed and looking healthy, and I got home in the afternoon and they were dead. I will get some pics for you too phoebes. (of the parents that is)

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That's sad, I wonder what happened.

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Sorry to hear the bad news Budgie Mad.

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I am so sorry that second clutch did not work out. I assume that's the same hen as in this other thread of yours?




It really makes me think that there is either something genetically wrong with that hen that she can't produce viable offspring, or else she is just such a poor mother (also probably inherited) that even when she finally got the incubating down correctly, she couldn't manage the feeding. I would wager the first possibility.


She's kind of old to keep trying with, but a lot of first time mothers don't feed properly, and they let all their chicks die. But then the next time they just do it all perfectly. It would depend on whether you wanted to go through the agony of giving her one more chance.


I hope your other clutch is doing well.


One (risky) option to consider would be to try fostering a chick or two from the good mother to the bad mother and see if she can/will keep them alive. If so, then you know the problem wasn't with her feeding/not feeding abilities, but more likely with the lack of viability in her original chicks and eggs. But if she let the foster chicks die, then that would be sad.

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