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Saving The Little "runt" Parakeets


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Hello. This is my first posting. Am dealing with a second clutch hatch in which the third and last little one is significantly younger than the other two. At what point (agewise) are these little ones savable? Is it best to remove it from the clutch entirely, or try to supplement and hope it becomes strong enough to demand the parents' attention?

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I've also wondered exactly same! Lost many runts this way and cry my eyes out everytime! Successfully removed 2 @1 week+ put into little incubator(fishtank+ infrared light with temperature control) 1 died but 1 lived. I raised her on breeding rearing mix for parakeets/lovebirds.she eventually ate out of a bent spoon. She is beautiful!fully grown year old now+tame as can b.its a risk at 7 days, they say after2 weeks but by then they r trampled or starved! We'd love to hear from the administrators on this! Also hi Robin, Kaz, budgielover :HELP

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How old are the first 2 chicks in relation to the youngest? I haven't had this situation before, and I am assuming you have no other pairs you could foster the chick to. I would leave it with its parents and provide supplementary feeds so that it grows and becomes strong enough to call for the parents attention. I have provided supplementary feeds to chicks as young as 1 day old where Mum has been an unreliable feeder (using a small syringe) until Mum gets the hang of it and/or the chick becomes strong enough to demand food.. You still run the risk of it being trampled in the nest, but usually the youngest chick is at the centre of the chick huddle anyway, so there can always be a risk of that happening in any nest. If you do remove the chick you must be able to keep it warm and be prepared to provide frequent feeds.

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I have had large clutches up to 10 chicks survive in the nest. It depends on how good the parents are. If it is being fed I'd leave it, they aren't really runts just the youngest, who could end up larger than siblings, as chicks mature and leave nest, last chicks get the full feeding from parents. If it isn't being fed you would have to hand rear it.

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I've always lost the youngest 3 as the older ones trample them in the feeding frenzy but I'll try the supplementary feed.and put them back, which I've done b4 but they still died. They get trampled on their little necks+ byebye runt. I've only saved1 by removing and handrearing. Thanks Flip+ Robin.I feed every2hours first week every 3hrs 2nd week and every4 hrs from 3rd week on. Is this correct?hope this has all bn helpful budgetminded. I've got a little graveyard in my garden for all my angels that die!and I cry many tears but there is also much joy about success stories!

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