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No Luck For Us


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Hi all.


My first post for a while because a lot has been happening.


Can't say that we have got off to a good start to our budgie breeding hobby. The kids and I have lost 6 of the 7 bird that we started with. We had a hawk come and terrorise our birds and scare them to death. We were about to go overseas so left it until we got back to get more birds.


We were given another cock bird to pair with the Cinnamon hen we had left, ( a big thank you to the local breeder and friend of ours). But they just don't look at all interested in the nest boxes we have for them. The cock bird is a Colbart bird , and the hen is a Sky Blue Cinnamon.


Can I ask,

~ is it to early to be thinking of breeding?

~ Do they need to be in the aviary for a while to get used to it?

Not sure what we are doing wrong? If I was a budgie I would love to live and breed in our avaiy.




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Hi Brett

If you want to start breeding now you will need to consider the prevailing weather conditions. Here we will experience mid 30s to low 40s in summer. I was monitoring my breeding cages and nest boxes temp, they were located in an out door aviary, prior to moving, and was seeing up 50 deg C in nests during the hottest part of the day. They were well ventilated and shaded and it was only 30Deg C in the avairy. I do think i will have lost some dead in egg due to this. It also puts a lot of extra strain on the breeding pair. I am still running my breeding program but under controlled temp and humidity conditions.

I guess the choice is your to make but I wouldn't risk it in the hottest months unless in a controlled environment and even then it can be expensive.

My point of view only.


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Are you caging them or trying colony breeding? I know people on W.gong who colony breed and their birds seem to breed any time, so if you are colony I'd say just leave nest box's in and wait for them to come into breeding condition. If there is only one pair at this time it shouldn't be a problem, if conditions are right they will breed when they are ready. Sorry you lost your first birds, such a disappointment after the family's hard work. Don't give up it will happen when the time is right.

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Thanks guys..


Where I live it doesn't get overly hot, but still hot sometimes. The nest boxes are on a shelf indie the aviary room ( not in the flight). We don't have any perches in the same room, would this be a reason?


At this stage the birds will not be in breeding cages. I now have the one pair that I think are at breeding age. We have three other younger birds that are in a separate cage for now.


We will be colony breeding at first and then progress to paired up breeding.



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I have no experience with colony breeding but I know budgies like the nest boxes to be high up, it makes them feel safe.

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Having the nest boxes on a shelf shouldn't be a problem. Is the shelf is deep and wide enough to give the birds plenty of space to perch either in front of or next to the boxes. If so, should be fine, providing the shelf and boxes are high enough. You will need to be patient and wait until your aviary pair are in breeding condition. They will do better if they can see and/or hear your other budgies.

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Thanks Flip. The answer is yes to all of your points. What we have done is place the other birds inside the aviary in other cages. So they can all get used to each other without the older ones hurting the younger ones.


It seems like we just have to wait. As I said when we have a few more we are going to have two breeding cages and pair up four selected birds each year. We all have a favourite colour and will breed for that.


Thanks for the replies.


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We got a small aviary down the back in the corner under some big shady trees . Most of the time its shaded three quarters of the day and in the cooler months the tree looses its leaves , so the temp all year round is not bad . The shelf with my box's is half way up the back wall and they seem pretty happy with that . When we first got them they didnt even look at each other then all of a sudden we had babys everywhere , we sold off 8 this mornin so dont worry they will be at it when their ready .

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