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My Son's Brown Crusty Recess Cere.

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Hello !


I'm from Turkey , my name is Tulû.


I'm so desperate .


My son his name Can Can who is 4 years old has some problems .


5 months ago I noticed that his all cere got brown color with some recess.


In Turkey it is so difficult to find an Avian Veterinarian ; they don't know anything about my son's problem.



I searched the internet and I saw that there were two possibilities :


One of them is an testicle tumor and the other is a fungi over cere .


I never thought about a tumor and chose the second.


It is said that applying a vaseline may help , so I applied a vaseline and I saw his cere was turning its original blue color.


The crust over his blue cere was dissappearing slowly.

Then I looked for an anti-fungal ointment and found Avipom .


After avipom it got better , the blue parts under the crust became more visible .

In prospectus of Avipom it is said that "use 2 or 3 weeks max."


I used 3 weekes as said.


After the treatment I saw that brown crust is beging again there on his cere.



Today I started to apply vaseline again .

But i think he has some skin problems .


Besides , he is itching too much.


The veterinarian told me to use avimec(ivermectin) for 3 weeks (once a week , one drop) , I applied avimec 3 weeks.

After treatment (aprox. after 10 days) my son started to scream suddenly and started to itching.

He screams like I pull his tail.


I used a spray name Avispray (but I don't trus it)


I see many powders for mites like :Jakotin, opigal 5 ,rin powder, Ektogal, lizol, carbonil, kreolin. But I don't know is it safe ?


The photos below ; first one is the begining stage of this problem and second is the final stage

Third photo is freshly taken;


On first picture you can see the blue part of his right nostril(the top) that I had applied vaseline

On the second picture(taken after bath on August) it can be cleary seen the blue original cere.


Please help us , I'm so sorry that there is nobody can help my son here in Turkey. :(







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Your pictures don't really look like scaly face. BUT I had a male whose cere kept changing from blue to brown.

I was advised it could be a hormone problem and to add some liquid Iodine (Aqueous Iodine) not sure of spelling just now, to his water for a few weeks. It's fairly expensive for just a bird or two but I put it in all my birds water (50) birds.


Within a couple of weeks his cere had changed back to blue, he bred some lovely chicks also. His cere changed a number of times, usually when he moulted but I still add the Iodine to my birds every 3 weeks or so. I haven't had any other problems and the birds do need the iodine in their diet. It may be worth a try, even adding Iodine bells to their cage could be enough. Do you have those in Turkey? Like calcium /charcoal bells but Iodine


If you have treated him with Ivermectin that should get rid of any mites making him itch, also any worms he may have. Hope this is of some help.

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Thank you very much Robyn,

Yes I have iodine and calcium blocks in his cage.

I think you are talking about this and I have it : http://www.trixie.de...ing_Stone,13620

And the calcium block : http://www.juenpetma...iyum-blok&kat=0


But I couldn't see any liquid Iodine product in internet . :( I think you mean this product : http://www.morningbi...quidiodine.html



I want to ask that if it is hormonal problem then why does the color of cere turns blue when I applied anti-fungi ointmen or vaseline ?


Today I found something very interesting.


While I was holding him against a mirror regularly to make him happy , I saw that he suddenly screamed again and rapidly scratched his chest and he took something black to his mouth and tried to ate it .


I quickly grabbed it from his mouth .


I saw that it is something like a mini fly (like a fruit fly) with sticky black thing inside of it.


I guess he grabbed one of the fly's wing and that black jelly thing from his chest


I took its photos :





I inspected his feathers but couldn't see anything .

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I don't know much about bird diseases but could that be a feather mite or quill mite inside a feather? The end of it kind of looks like a feather shaft.






My sister is a doctor so the one thing I know about any kind of infestation of parasites is that the host will show abnormalities in the levels of protein in the blood.

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Looking at pics I'm not sure what it is. As he reacted like he did they must bite or suck blood. Either way it looks like a parasite of some form, if it's feather quill mite I read they are pretty hard to get rid of. Can you take bug or picture to a vet to see if they can identify it? Until you know what it is it's hard to advice any treatment. Ivomectin may kill them if it sucks blood but if not you may need some form of insecticidal powder to puff on to bird. I don't know if it would be connected to cere changing or not. I really think you may need a vet.

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Do you feed your bird boiled eggs or egg food? I would make sure to supplement some kind of protein till I get him to a vet. I know that parasite infestations can also cause more white blood cells than usual. How this effects the cere color I'm not sure.


The only other thing I heard a brown cere could mean is testicular cancer.

Please let us know how this turns out for him.

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I just found something on a website that talks about pigeons. http://www.auspigeon...medicines2.html


This is the first time I read about it. http://en.wikipedia....hia_canariensis This fly grows in bird poo and sucks birds blood. I am in Canada and have never seen this perhaps you could check to see if this exists where you live.


It seems it affects pigeons but I wonder what it does if it's host is absent.


Do you have any news about the bird?

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