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Quinoa For Budgie

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I checked online but still didn't understand.

I would like to give Cado quinoa, can i cook it ? Tried to give raw but he didn't like it :)

i think it is tough to eat uncooked :)

Can I cook it ?


Currently I have bought parakeet mix at Drs Fosters site. he eats usually small round grain (i guess it is millet) and oval small grain (i think it is hullet oat) but he leaves all red, greren yellow stuff. I don't know what it that. I bought it because there are many vitamins etc

If in the future I will prepare my seed mix, what kind of seed (basic seeds) should I buy and where ? I don't have green hand to grow anything myself :) soI prefer to buy

On Drs fosters site, I saw while millet, red millet and hullet oat, that's all...

Should I just buy it, mix it and that's all ? is it enough ? Should I add vitamins ? if yes, which ones ?

Also what exactly pellets are ? are these red, green and yellow stuff in parakeet mix ?


thank you

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I would not give quinoa raw because it can be toxic. Usually I buy quinoa that has been washed and cook it according to the package instructions. The washing is to remove an outer coating that is toxic to budgies. Cooking fully destroys the toxicity.




"Quinoa in its natural state has a coating of bitter-tasting saponins, making it unpalatable."

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Sorry I forgot the bottom part of your question. I can't order the seeds separately because Dr Foster and Smith can't send seed to Canada. I tried to order some and was told this.


I am still buying a mix. I would be interested in knowing what the breeders think is a good mix myself.

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