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Where To Place Cage

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I am trying to find a better place for Cado inside of the house.

Actually when I am home I can bring the cage with me in the room where I am. Where to leave him when we are out and during the night?

is it possible to place the cage in the kitchen ? I am trying to eliminate all pans and skillets with PTFE

is it possible to put the cage close to the window, will he not be too cold ? The general temperature in the house when we are in - 65F (18C) and during the evening - 67 (19-19.5)

Our living room is pretty dark, is it okay to leave him during the day ?


Also, if you are going to someone place at let's say 7pm, what do to with the cage and budgie. Should we leave light for him ??? I can put night light but it is still not enough of lights.


thank you

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I'm not an old pro like some people on here so I can just tell you what works for me. I like to have the temperature at around 71 F. I know some people keep their budgies outside and it is probably much colder than in your house. I always leave a night light because my birds have panicked and hurt themselves at night. Possibly they hear the cats (who can't go in the room).


If you are worried about him getting cold you could get a heated perch or something. I am looking at different possibilities myself for adding a source of warmth in my cages. http://www.drsfoster...fm?pcatid=26388 This little model interests me. However I know someone who got one that had a defect. Before they put it in the cage, they tested it by putting a hand on, it was heating hot enough to burn so the company sent them a new one which worked. That kind of worried me.


Do you have any other animals like a cat?


Windows sometimes have an uncomfortable breeze blowing in. The easiest way to check is to pull up a chair to the window and sit there at different times during the day. I know some of the walls of my place are cooler at night for instance. You can cover the cage at night even just on three sides at first. I don't cover mine because I leave a night light and I got a new really precise thermometer that controls the heat much better than before. It's pretty exact now.


One thing to watch out for with windows is the heat that enters during the day. The bird could get very sick from sitting in the sun without being able to move away. Some of my windows could bake my birds. I never place a cage in front of a window. I've done different tests with this, placing 50% of the cage in the shade and the rest in the sun for a while to see if they wanted to sit in the sun. They always avoided the sunny side even with an open window. Even if the cage was 90% in the shade they avoided the part in the sun.


This is a little lamp I like for birds although the light bulb is expensive. http://www.drsfoster...fm?pcatid=24615


I also have some plant lights in the room but on the wall and ceiling far from the cage. I have had that lamp for a year and it is pretty good for the price I paid. I am going to buy more of them. It's only for the daytime though. Well hopefully someone with more experience will come along. Good luck

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Hi Phoebe, thank you for your comment !!

So that's mean you have light on all the time ? the whole day ?

We don't have any other animals...

Our house is a little cold but i have asked and the place of the breeder is even colder :) we usually maintaining 67 during the day when we are in and 65 when we are off

Our living room has corners without any sun but i think it is a little to dark, especially in the middle of the afternoon.

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