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Budgie Leg Band


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Hello, I purchased a budgie today and he has a leg band with this information - WABC 01 0406. The 01 is written vertical. Can anyone tell me what age he is from this information? The band is also a pinkish colour. Thanks

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Is the leg band a purplish colour rather than pink? If so, purple rings were used in 2005 and 2011 (ring colours operate on a 6 year cycle). Other members can correct me if I'm wrong, but your budgie would appear to be a 2011 bird. 406 is the chick number for that particular breeder and WABC is the society that the breeder belongs to.

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Yes the colour is more purple than pink, just in the sun the other day it looked pink. Thanks for the reply. Good to have an idea of how old he is.

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