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Blocked Vent


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I have found a bird in my flight with what looks like a blocked vent.


Is a hen that was in a nest box for six weeks with no success.(Did not lay)


has been back in flight for 2 weeks.


Have cleaned up around the vent that was caked solid with some moist poo underneath. It looks like it is trying to poo but cant get it out.


has been in hospital cage for 3 hrs and there is no poo on floor.


Vent looks inflamed.


Not sure what action to take with this 1. any ideas other than a Vet visit.

thanks Paulie


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I am very inexperienced as you know but have done much reading. I have a cat that suffers from enlarged bowel syndrome and the doctor prescribed lactulose. It can be purchased at pharmacy over the counter. Imagine my surprise when many budgie websites gave advice to give lactulose to constipated birds. The only problem is the dose.


Also you could try calcivet, I read that a hen that is egg bound absorbs this form of calcium rapidly. It's liquid calcium and some people add a touch of cod liver oil. I have vitamin supplements that have cod liver oil in them but the vet told me not to give them often because of the dose of vitamin d3 in them. I saw some web sites giving this advice.






I read that you should not give sugars to a bird with mega bacteria. I am not sure weather lactulose counts as a sugar. This stuff saved my cats life.


I found an article on budgie constipation. http://www.budgie-care.com/budgie-constipation.html


I was reading about the secondary effects of Lactulose and without knowing a proper dose it would be dangerous to use. The website mentions a dose of epsom salts that might work, a ration of one to two hundred.

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It may be she is egg bound Paulie, it is fairly rare apparently to have a constipated bird. It sounds like she may have some sort of problem that I think may need vet. advice on.

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Put all your birds on a course of Coccivet for a couple of weeks as a precaution , replenish the water every two days. All my birds go on a course of coccivet every eight weeks, i know a lot of breeders do the same, it's aprox $35.00 for a 250 ml bottle & i use 5ml per 3 ltres.

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I'm actually thinking now that this is a parasite. Have found under the microscope what look like eggs of some sort. Possibly crop and air-sac mites or even intestinal worms. The bird has been treated with Ivomectin, meloxicam aurally and coccivet. Am getting some triple c and will add that to the treatment. She has survived the night and is able to excrete, is eating and drinking a little although still fluffed up and not perching yet. Time will tell now.



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Well it's great that she survived the night.

It's not an easy thing to take care of birds, the more I read the more I am confused.

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Unfortunately this one didn't make it through another night. Was looking up last night but had died by this morning.

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Sorry you lost her Paulie. It's a shame we can't save all of them. :(

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It is a shame but you just cant save all of them. The bird was looking up last night and dead this morning. Am having some of the poo analysed so hope its not something contagious. Could have been egg bound but i couldn't feel anything unusual around the pelvis. Just have to wait for test results.

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Sorry for the loss, a number of things could be the cause of this, like egg bound however you said you couldn't feel anythings, it is likely to be a virus or bacteria problems. Hope it is not contagious.

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Sorry she didn't make it. She might have had some kind of cyste or obstruction too. There is a limit to what even a vet can do in these cases and you kept her comfortable that is the best we can do in these situations. Sometimes bringing them to the vet means they still die but having had many interventions. It's not better.

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