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Until What Age Budgies Are Babies ?

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Sorry for the stupid question :)

Is there any difference in hand-fed young budgies : between 6.5 weeks and 8-9 weeks

is it more difficult to tame or teach to a budgie of 9 weeks than 7 weeks


if they are both handed


thank you

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You can tame almost any budgie with patience. By hand fed do you mean removed from nest and hand reared or being fed from the hand as a fledgling?

6 weeks is 42 days and should be fine. I will sell birds at 45 days if they have matured enough and by 45 days most have.


I wouldn't bother abt looking for birds that have being previously handled or pre-tamed.


I consider to be a baby until first molt.


Then become a juvenile until 10 months.


After 10 months i consider them adault

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