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Am I A She?

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This is the male and female budgies I bought for my daughter who soon lost interest so I have taken them on as my own.


Now I want to breed them but I want to make sure the hen is a hen and mature enough although they are yet to start showing signs of courtship.


Apologies for the quality of the photo.....I was in a rush taking the photo and they wouldnt exactly stay still.


Is the yellow bird a hen (Im pretty sure she is) and is she mature enough to breed with (she is supposed be last season's hatch)?


I have tried cropping and resizing the photo in photobucket but it wont let me save...have tried a number of combinations but nothing seems to be working...sorry for the picture size





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she is a she and she is mature enough to breed by the looks of that cere.

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Thanks again L_J. Unfortunately not much courtship going on. I might by another hen and see if any "magic" happens.

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It all depends on whether they are both in breeding condition. picture of your hen is a bit hard to tell but she could be going out or out of condition. When you see her cere a nice tan colour rather than rough and brown she may be in condition. Cock should be a nice bright blue. :) Do you have a nest box in cage? If you want them to breed adding a nest box may hurry things up a bit.

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Thanks Robyn.....there is a nest box attached to the cage and the boy goes in but I have never seen the girl go in. Closest she has been is the nest box landing perch.

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How long has the nest box been attached to their cage? it may take some time before they take a real interest. It was several months before I got any interest in nesting, now they are laying round 2 with chicks still popping in and out.

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Hi Paulie...the nest box has been attached to the cage for about 4 weeks. Maybe Im impatient !!!

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