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Hope It's A Boy! :)

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Hi all!


I've just brought home our new feathered friend! I compared a lot of pictures to try and discern for myself and tried to pick a male. They all appeared very young and the lighting was bad so I had a difficult time. What's your opinion on gender? Also since I'm so new, what's the correct variety term? Any guesses on age?


Thanks so much!! :)


I tried to capture with natural light as best as possible, but I think there's still a white shift toward the cool side.










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Hi, I don't think your bird is very old, around 4 mths maybe as faint bars still showing. I think HE ? Is a Cobalt Normal. Leaning towards male but not 100% sure.

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I'm leaning towards a male.

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I would say male. Also, congratulations on your new budgie :)

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little cutie isn't he. I say male too.

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Yep Id say male cobalt N. Nice bird

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Please explain to me. I have 4 month- 5 month olds from my last 2 clutches and still can't determine whom are male and whom are female? Pink cere is? Purple+pink cere? I know adult cere is beige or brown for adult female+ blue for male but my young have a Rainbow mix in dad with yellow head and a Lutino mom??? The other lot have the show budgie featured as my profile picture as the Dad and an Albino mom?! I am so confused not confused! He he and I look for white around Nostrils but see zilch white?!

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Hi Krystean if you look right at the top of this forum in Pinned Items there is a post by Kaz. about sexing babies in the nest etc. This may help you decide what your chicks are. Or post pictures of the ones your not sure of, hopefully some of the experts may advise you.

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Thanks, everyone, for the input! I am more sure now that he's a boy as he has been singing and not making many "angry budgie" sounds. He hasn't tried to bite my husband or myself once yet either and we have been practicing some step-ups. He seems like he will be a happy little bird here with us :)


Thanks for the tip about Kaz's post, also, but I am not the one who posted that question about sexing babies in the nest. However -- I did look at Kaz's post before I went to pick out my bird and I agree that it is very informative and helpful. Obviously, I must have learned something since I managed to pick out a boy! :)

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