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okay guys we have our aviary, we have our birds and we have our favourite pairings. So, can we start breeding now?


Or should we wait?


Also when we pair them up do we leave the Hen and the Cock in there for the whole process? Or do we take the cock out at some stage. If so, when?


Bretto and the skid Lids.



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Hi Bretto, It's really up to the birds, if they are in breeding condition and happy with their mate and conditions, nest box etc. nature will take it's course. The Cock bird stays with the hen in cage, Mum sits on the eggs, (laid 2 days apart usually and incubated for 18 days) until they hatch, Dad helps feed her, when chicks hatch Dad feeds Mum who in turn feeds chicks, first few days it's only Mum who feeds chicks, Dad helps out with feeding after that right up until chicks fledge and leave nest box. As older chicks leave nest Dad will feed them in cage until they learn to feed themselves, Mum will stay in box a fair bit with younger ones.


You may find it takes about 2-3 weeks after pairing up before hen lays. I put wood shavings in nest box and the hens usually throw it out which is a good sign that they are preparing the nest box to lay. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck and keep us posted. :)

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Thanks Robyn..


We were not sure if they both stayed in there or not. You have done a great job explaining it.


I just have to get the money together to buy the breeding cage. So I think that we should be underway. At first I was just going to let the kids pick two birds to breed and see what we get. This would be okay,,,right?


I will be posting progress reports as we go.



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where did you get your birds from mate im in buxton

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Hi dilster


I got our birds off a friend of ours.



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Hi, If your only going for pet types the kids picking the pair won't matter, half the fun is waiting to see what you get.


You don't have to go all out for a breeding cage. old bookcases or even old tv cabinets with a wire front could be a start up cage.

Looking at the job you did on aviary I think you could easily knock up something to get you started. An old pantry with doors removed could work. See what you come up with. :P:rolleyes:

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Have you got any pics of the birds?

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