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Building Breeding Cages

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Hi guys.


I actually posted these in my topic on the building of my aviary, but though I should post here too, to get it in the right department.


While the weather has been terrible, and Ive not been able to work on the aviary, I have been working in the garage on my breeding cages. So I just thought I'd post up what I have done, in case anyone may like to use an idea I had in the building of mine, share ideas and all that.


So this is what I posted in the other thread:

So while the weather has been ordinary, I have been also working in the garage, starting my breeding cages:


I've been making these out of left over materials I got from work, so I've pretty much just made the sizes work by joining things together where I would normally have run a sheet of board right through.


Also, because I'm on a pretty tight budget, here is a picture of how I have done the trays for the bottom of the breeding cages:


Because I can't afford sheet metal to do metal trays, I have done it with chipboard, with an edging, and bought a tub of waterproofing (black seal), which is rated for potable water. Heaps cheaper, and should work okay.


All in all, I'm getting there. I'll keep working on the breeding cages while the weather is bad. Next on the list for outside is to dig the footings wider, put the steel in and pour the footings. Once they are done, I will do a brick base, which will be filled with dirt, then plastic, then steel, to take the slab. The idea of doing a brick base instead of boxing it, is simply due to the very uneven ground in the position I chose.

Since the other day I have done a bit more work. Once the first one is together, the next ones tend to go together a whole lot quicker.


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Your cages look great, I think your trays will be okay but the birds may have a chew at them. I have metal but line them with newspaper. makes the clean up a lot easier.

For some reason the adult birds don't worry about shredding the paper, that happens when the chicks come out into cage !! Like all kids.


Good luck with your aviary and birds when you get it all set up.

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A couple more pics. I finished the 3rd triple bay cages. Just need to make a stand for under them, and the nest boxes now.





I will be either making another 1 bay or 2 bays of cages to go next to this one, to give a total of either 12 or 15 cages, but it depends on the space left when the bird room is built.

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They look fantastic!!! Great job :D

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Great job!

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you could always make the metal trays later down the track when you have the money :)


I like them too :)

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Great looking cages well done.

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  • 4 months later...

they look great.


what are the dimensions of these as im about to start making some breeding cages and just looking at everyones choice of sizes.


thanks jamie

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  • 2 months later...

Hey Jamie, so sorry for the late reply, I havent been on in ages. Each individual cage is 600 wide, 550 high, and 375 deep. the width allows a little fly space, and as I'm going to be mounting the breeding boxes on the outside, not a lot of depth was required. I pretty much found the cage fronts I wanted and then built the cage to that size.

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Logan seems to be the place to be for Handy Men in Budgies. There used to be a guy called Daz on the forum, his breeding cages were great along with his breeding boxes. Was the tub of waterproofing enough to do all 9 trays?

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I bought a 4 litre tub of black seal, I should've bought a 1 litre, I've barely used any.

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Oh wow those breeding cages look awesome! Well done :) I cant wait to see your bird room and aviary all finished!!

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  • 1 year later...

They look awesome.


What holds the nestboxes?


And can you get them out easily?

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