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Hello Again :)

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Wow! Its been about 4 yrs since i was last on here, was only 14 back then !

I have 14 budgies now in an outside aviary and have only just recently put a pair together to begin breeding again .

My parents have gone to the UK for 5 weeks and was getting quite bored so thought i might start up my old hobby again and boy have i missed it :D


My pair i have put together are :

Bastion - Blue and white dominant pied cock

Goldie - Gf Green opaline hen

Only pet types and abrox 2 yrs old.


Thanks :)

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Lol welcome back I am new.


Most 18 year olds throw parties when their parents go away, but you choose to breed budgies, is this your idea of a party? haha


Post some pictures of them would love to see them.

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Hi there!

I'm new here.

I agree with L_J. Most 18 year old party when their parents are away!


My boyfriend is in the navy and goes away a fair bit. Last time he went away I was bored and lonely so I bought a budgie... Then another 2.. Then I bought an aviary and now this weekend coming I will be buying more budgies!

...yeah I'm hooked. I want to have chicks!

Eventually I hope to breed show budgies. :)


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Haha partying did come across my mind but i thought y waste money on alcohol when i could use that money for budgie things ;) I bought a new nesting box and breeding material for my pair .They've been in there for 2 days and are already inspecting the box and showing signs of breeding :D

Rochelle : Haha tht was like me when i started off , started with one then eventually my flock kept on growing haha.

I will hopefully post up some pictures later on today ,

Thanks everyone :)

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