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Is There A Australian Heritage Standard ?

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Before any one states the obvious I understand there is a national standard and it is based on developing a specific bird. A larger bird with increased feather base and a spectacular head. I have entered into the breeding to replicate a bird more consistsnt with the standard from Australia circa 1935, 1949. I know again standards are developed to reproduce and hilight aspects of a bird as outlined by the governing body. Which develops the competition and the animal standard.

These are birds are from a deceased relatives estate and would like to keep the shape and form. So my question would be is there a competition section to show such a bird. Many old timers recognised their type immeadtely as they knew the breeder, less informed called them pets.

There seem to be alot of articles talking about such birds but I can only find a single standard can they be shown, as I woud love to carry on the traddition with current stock.

If i have used words in there common term meaning forgive me as its me second post.

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