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Urgently Needed For Heart Broken Little Boy (Special Needs)


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Hi all, some of the very old timers may remember me from many moons ago :)

I am here now because I desperately need your help. A little boy I know had a pet budgie, Bubblegum, and a couple of weeks ago Bubblegum went to Rainbow Bridge. This little boy (Tommy) is autistic,and Bubblegum was the light and love of his sometimes very closed and private little world. It is his birthday today, and last night his mum asked him what he was hoping for, for his birthday presents, and he started crying again, and begged for just one more day with Bubblegum instead of his presents :'(

PLEASE, does anyone in the Lancashire or merseyside area have a hand reared or vert tame budgie for sale? Can anyone here help me to heal this childs heart? The budgie will have a wonderful home with Tommy and his family, and will also have other budgies to mix with as well, but primarily, he will be Tommy's little friend. Can anyone help, please?

many, many thanks,

Annie xx

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