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Still Think Pellets Are So Pure?

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After the recent ongoing revelations in the Newspapers & TV,

since January 2013, about contaminated meat in the human food

chain worldwide. Not to mention the none disclosure of all


The bird feed industry use only vegetable protein in their pet bird

pellets. ???...Yea right

Full disclosure of pkt, contents is not compulsory on the grounds

of patent protection.

In a mixed bag of ingredients, any one of which is up to 40% of the

total. can be used to name the product.

For instance, "Vegetable Protein" can be 40% Veg & 60% Offal &.


Hiding a perfectly good source of protein but one not so acceptable

to the general public.

Why would you take the word of someone you don't know, who's

trying to sell you a product in a very competitive market......B.J.


All this info is available on the WWW.if you ask the right questions..

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I don't like pellets anyway. Birds don't eat them in the wild, why should they eat them in captivity ?

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