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First Ever Clutch

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I am a new breeder. I am cabinet breeding and have four pairs set up. All with everything they need, cuttlebone, mineral blocks, calcium blocks, veggies everyday, constant supply of food etc...

My first clutch was laid and on the due date the first baby hatched (another one due today). After two days though this baby died. I'm unsure why, I know these things happen, nature and all but I really want to prevent any future "preventable" deaths. I found the baby this morning, it had a completely empty crop :/

The parents are first timers, but both are over a year old. I have hand rearing stuff in case, but I was hoping the parents would do a good job, any advice?

So far my breeding set up looks great and it is all from the research I had done prior, I spent hours going over every topic of this forum and the FAQs as well, but maybe there is some information I am missing?


Thank you

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Hi Kathryn first time mums sometimes are not sure what to do, when the next baby hatches check to see if it is being fed after a few hours if not try to give it a weak feed of the hand rearing formula and check in a bit later to see if she has fed it. You may have to do this a few times and hopefully she will take over as it gets stronger and begs for food louder. If you had chicks that were a couple of days older sometimes putting one of these in helps.

Cheers Jenny

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Sorry to hear about your baby. Unfortunately I can't help you with why it died but just to give you some hope, because the exact same thing happened to me with my first chick in my first clutch and then the hen went on to raise the other 2 chicks she had perfectly.


I also did with another hens chick what Jenny said with hand rearing formula. Good luck with the rest of the chicks.

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Thanks for the help, I think it is just new mum "problems".

A second has hatched today, I will keep a close eye on it and try the hand feeding it a little and hope for the best :)

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Good news, the second baby who I was preparing to help feed had been fed just before night fall. It had a nice full crop! I was extremely happy, I'm going to keep an eye on her though, but hopefully the hen has worked it all out :)

Oh and two of my other pairs both laid their first eggs today :)

So a good day in the end :)

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Sounds like everything is great and instinct has kick in :)


Keep us posted :)

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Here is a photo of the little guy fed :)

Checked him this morning and tonight and both times he had a lovely full crop :)



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Excellent!!! It is very well fed :)

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Another one is hatching, at the moment so hope all goes well there too!

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Sounds like your off and running Kathryn. Good luck with it and don't forget the pics as you go.


As to first chick not being fed it seems if chick is too weak to call for food it can be ignored, I have given one a few drops of sugar dissolved in warm water to "kick start" the little one, then Mum took over. I have read a little plain yoghurt is okay for first feed as well.

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Thanks, for the advice with my other pairs I will keep an eye on the first chicks

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