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Possible Homosexual Budgie Behaviour

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Dear BBC,


I am not sure if anyone can help, but my five budgies are having some serious problems.


I have two females and three males.


The three males are the problem, my male cobalt budgie ( storm), is the popular one. My blue male ( Raest) loves storm, and is very possessive, follows him around, regurgitates into his mouth, they were like this since day one of getting them. My other male budgie is a lutino, ( chichiri)the avian vet told us he is male, and his cere is not brown it is pinkish and never changed.


So, Raest is territorial ( I think) and attacks chichiri when he gets close to storm. so I decided to give Raest a little time out in another cage, ( not long, only two hours or so) as soon as I put Raest into the other cage, chichiri and storm start chasing each other, and then chichiri crouches down , presents himself to storm, and storm mounts him and starts mating with him. Doing the usual budgie mating movements. This occurred four times over ten minutes.


By The Way, storm is paired with a female, which he grooms and regurgitates to, the other female is not paired.


What on earth should I do, Raest is aggressive, and chichiri is gay, what is going on, and how can I make life a little more pleasant for all my budgies.

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Hi Just keep apart the ones that don't like each other.. Are you certain of your bird sexes.? B.J.

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I am pretty sure,the other two males are bright blue(cere), and we take them to a very reputable avian vet so I am assuming the vet got it correct.


When we do separate they get quite depressed, and stressed( puffing and sticking to one side of the cage)Raest is extremely attached. And so is chichiri.


It's quite a pickle.


The female that isn't paired is a new bird, who is getting on fine with everyone, even the established female. but should I wait to see if this new introduction equilibrates the hormones? Or changes the hierarchy ?

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If it were me, I would not keep 5, I would keep 6. No matter how they decide to pair off in the end, with an odd number, someone will be left with no buddy, and that will cause him to try to horn in on the other relationships.


That is exactly what you are seeing with Storm, Chichiri and Raest. Storm and Chichiri obviously wanted to mate, and Raest was getting in the way. His attacking Chichiri was probably from jealousy over Storm. (Male or female doesn't really matter if they have picked a "favorite", but it does sound like Chichiri may be a girl, vet notwithstanding.)


Adding the new female most definitely has changed the hierarchy, the status quo. Before, you had four together, and it was working okay (Or was it? With 3 males and one hen, I would think you would have had fights prior to now, or at least a pestered hen.)


The new hen would naturally get along with them all at first, until she gets her bearings. Don't expect that to last long.


If it were me, I would try to have 3 males and 3 females. But if you had 2 females and 4 males, that should work okay too, because the 2 hens would choose their mates from among the guys, and then the two guys left over will normally be happy to buddy up with each other. (Budgies aren't actually gay, but the guys are usually willing to make do with whomever is available.)


At least if you have an even number, and Raest has to remain separated, he can have one buddy to live with. That should make him happy.


Probably your best bet is to start by posting photos of all your birds, so we can tell you for sure whether they are males or females, and then you can go from there.


By The Way, how big of a cage do you have?

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I know this is almost one month old topic (I hope its okay to post in it?)

but I have the same problem,

I got a pair of budgies 2.5 weeks ago,

the female seems hates the male, wont let him close to her and ignores him.

I have one male and his daugther before I got this pair.

When The new male came, my older male fell in love, with him.

follows him everywhere, chats with him beak to beak, doing the mating dance and

he wont even take a peak at the new female!

The new male is the same, he loves my old male, follows him everywhere.

If only my older male is out, my new male freaks out, because he wants to be with him!

And my plan was to breed my old male with my new female, lol, but he have other plans! :)

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It's okay to post in this thread. It's nice to be able to compare similar problems. :)


I'm sure it's very cute to see your two males being such good friends. But also frustrating, too, when you want them to bond with the females.


Probably the first thing to do is to make sure you have their sexes correct. Getting them wrong can be very easy to do, so that might be a simple solution to your problem. But if you are sure of their sexes, the only way to get them to pair up with the females might be to separate each pair into its own cage. I have found that eventually, they will make friends with their cage mate, even if they preferred a different budgie before.

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Thanks again :)


Yes, I admit it, its very cute,

but my older male (kairo) is in the same cage as his daugter, now 2 years old,

and they are just friends, I think he knows she is his daughter,

havent hit on her or tried to hum her, witch I wouldnt like, :)

When I got my Red rumped parakeet (male), my Older male, (Kairo)

started to hit in him, got very protective over him when they were both out flying around

the house, and followed him everywhere.

BUt of course my Red rump didnt show him any interest and Kairo lost his interest.

Then I got the pair of budgies and he bonded with the male.

Witch is okay for now..


here are pictures


Mollý by Elma_Ben, on Flickr

new female



Tímon by Elma_Ben, on Flickr

new male



Kairo by Elma_Ben, on Flickr

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Well, you at least have the genders right. :)


If you are planning to breed them, then I wouldn't worry about how they make friends until you are ready to separate them into breeding cages with boxes. It's usually giving them a nest box that stimulates them into breeding, so the two males would probably turn to females at that point, instead of each other.

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