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Lost 2 Budgies In Kensington, Melbourne

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Our much-loved pair of budgies escaped on Wednesday 16 January 2013, from our home in Kensington, Melbourne, Victoria. They are about 2.5 years old.


Georgie (female) is white and pale blue, with a bumpy pinky light brown ceres and pink feet. Her companion Milly (male) is green and gold with light brown/grey markings, blue ceres and cheek spots and grey feet.


Both birds are very chatty and especially love "talking" to lorikeets. Georgie will sit on your finger or hand but can be a bit nippy. Milly is more reticent and gentler. Milly is the better "singer" of the two while Georgie loves to bathe. Georgie in particular will respond to her name and often grizzles a bit when settling at night.


Photos online at https://www.lostdogs.com.au/forums/showthread.php?42351-Lost-2-Budgies-Kensington


We miss them very much.

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Aww I'm so sorry :( I can't help as I'm in the US, but I hope you get your little friends back soon. My little boy Allen got out once, but came back later in the day. Good luck! :)

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Did you get the budgies back? ----just curious

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