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We have a 12 month old Male Budgerigar for sale.


We purchased him from a pet shop back in April 2012 and he is a gorgeous blue/white colour. He does have a name LUCKY, but I guess doesn't need to keep it and it could be changed by the new owner.


He has lots of personality and makes great chirping sounds, but the kids have not put the time and effort into training him, so he needs a good, suitable home.


The price we are asking is $60.00 and this includes the following:

  • Budgie
  • Cage (bought new for this bird)
  • Four feeding containers
  • One bird bath
  • Perches
  • Various Toys
  • Few months worth of food
  • Bird Grit
  • Bird wormer and Dust Mite Spray

If interested, please reply back to this post at the budgie forum. We are located in Melbourne.








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i like him


but what is up with his cere?

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