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White Down Feathers Show On Greywing Series Too, Or Only On Opalines?

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So far 2 chicks show white down feathers.


Parents are:


Daddy: Full Body Greywing (or a Badly Marked Clearwing) Violet Cobalt.

Mommy: Yellowface Mutant 2 Cinnamon Greywing (or Cinnamon Dilute) Cobalt.


The first chick:







I think this chick might be Mauve?


Do the stripes look like a Normal's or a Greywing's?



The whole clutch (The 2nd chick also has white down it seems).




Is there a possibility that the first chick is an Opaline? Or is the down white because it's a Greywing series bird?









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Hi Rashu,

Is this your first clutch? How exciting!! The chicks are cute the way you have them lined up there.


You won't get any normal wing bars with these parents. All of the chicks will be some sort of greywing. And that's probably why you have the white down. I get a lot of white down on my greywings, even when they are not opaline. But the dad could still be split to opaline, so if you do get any opaline chicks, they will be hens.

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