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Chaos And Sweety

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I have had Chaos for 18 months, and have recently purchased Sweety. I was trying to find out what varieties they were, but have got so confused over all the different sites. Hope you may be able to help.










Many thanks

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Hi and welcome, Chaos is a greywing skyblue and Sweety looks to be a yellowface dominant pied grey or mauve it is hard to tell from the photos they are a bit small. Sweety could also have other mutations but I can't see her back as she could be opaline or spangle as well.

Cheers Jenny

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need bigger pictures. all i can see from that is yellowface dominant pied. not sure how Hilly can state greywing...maybe i need my eyes checked.

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many thanks for your replies. I had a feeling Chaos was greywing. I will try photos again later today, my resizing didn't work that great.

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Hoping these are much better. Sweety seems to have a tiny splash of blue on the back of her neck.








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Hi much better pictures this time, your hen looks to be possibly goldenface opaline dominant pied violet but she is also either greywing or cinnamon and may also be spangle she is a very pretty bird.

Cheers Jenny

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I think Sweety definitely looks like an opaline spangle, among all her other mutations. What a unique bird!

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Thanks for your views. I was having so much trouble identifying her colours.

I only went in to the pet shop to buy some plants for my fish tank, and fell in love with her. I had been thinking of getting Chaos a companion though, for a while. I think he's smitten. quite funny when he sits next to her and starts his chattering - kiss kiss chaos, tickle, good boy.

he does mutter a lot of things, but as my hearing's not great, it's hard to make some things out.



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she is a wonderful bird. Golden face opaline spangle dominant pied violet and I think cinnamon as well (throat spots look brown to me)

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Crikey, seems a lot of mutations within her, if that's the correct thing to say? Her throat spots are a beige/brown. She's yet to have her first moult. I don't know if that will affect any of her colouring?

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her yellow will darken with a moult and her violet will turn more green as she ages as the yellow bleeds into the body area. Her throat spots should stay brown which would mean cinnamon as well.

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