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New Aviary

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As you may know my wonderful dad built me an excellent avariy about 8 months ago. Well we have not stopped there me and my dad has built me another one which is just spectacular the dimensions are 2m x 3m x 0.8m


I have two questions for you guys and before you start sending me things about colony breeding well yes i am going to do it and i would really appreciate if you could could give me loads of tips on coleny breeding


And now for my second question I was wondering if you could tell me how many budgies i could fit in there with breeding boxes and also how many i clould fit bush budgie beacuse there smaller would it be different


okay now for the photos







And thease are the shelfs for the boxes or logs if i get bush budgies and also the top shelf is going to the same hight as the other one


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Looks great :D (not that I know anything about aviaries)

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It looks beautiful. Does it have a safety door area, so you don't lose any escapees when you go in?


I can't help you with how many will fit in there. I've never had an aviary. But I'm sure there are other threads around here somewhere that people have asked that question, and have gotten an answer.


I'm sure you've been told of the pitfalls of colony breeding. A lot of people choose to do it anyway, and that is your perogative if that's what you want to do. They say you can minimize the fighting and damage if you make sure to have at least two boxes for EACH pair you have in there. And to make sure there is plenty of space between boxes. You especially don't want the openings to be close together, so that each hen has to defend her door whenever the birds next door go in and out of their box.


The boxes placed the highest up in the aviary will be the most sought after, and fought over, so it is a good idea to make sure that ALL of the boxes are at the same height.


I think you will be limited in the number of pairs you can breed in there by the number of boxes that can fit, without being too close together. If you keep a few feet between boxes, and then find you can only fit say six boxes in there (I don't know that six will fit, that's just an example) you then could only have three pairs breeding in there. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can squeeze the boxes too close, or that you can just have one box per pair, with one or two extra.


Funky, I don't have any experience with colony breeding. These are just things that I have read about it when people complain that they are having problems with their birds killing the chicks in other nests and such things. Most of the time when people talk about their experiences with colony breeding, they say it went well at first, and then after a while there was fighting and dead chicks. A few people say they never had any problems. Maybe those people were careful not to overcrowd, or else they were just lucky.


You would do well to read the articles in the FAQ section that talk about colony breeding, so you can work to set it up as best as possible, and to be aware of what the dangers are.


One thing I know from cage breeding- it's not all peaches and cream. Things happen and there will be dramas and issues to deal with. When you come up against a problem, you tweak your system and figure out a way to do it better the next time. And cage breeding is designed to minimize those problems, so with colony breeding, I imagine you are going to come up against a lot more issues.


I hope your birds will be fine, and I hope you will be prepared to step in and rescue them if the colony breeding experiment starts to go bad. Good luck!

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Yes I know a few issues will come up but thats the reason for it being so close the the varanda and thankyou so mush for your help

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It's all the problems people have that colony breed , we as the providers to the birds must do the best thing for them and colony breeding is a disaster waiting to happen.


The reason we bang on about it so much is either we have done it before and have experienced the nightmares or we constantly hear of other peoples problems that try to go down this path.


Nice aviary by the way.

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No one will "hate you" for colony breeding they will just try to show you the pit falls you could face, it's your choice. If you are only pet breeding and don't mind which birds pair up that's fine just take note of the things others warn you about and look out for potential trouble and try to stop any bad outcomes from occurring. You may have a round with no problems and then next round have heaps of things go wrong. Good luck and let us know how you go. :)

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I support you. from what I have seen it looks like you need shelfs at same level.


Also when placing boxes think of how much space you would like between you and your neighbors house in scale with relation to boxes.

thats about 2 inch each box spacing.


you would get away with 12 birds in that aviary.


12 breeding boxes. maybe.


Just do it how you please. I know allot of colony breeding people they have there own ways.


I use old coat hangers to hang my cuttle bone up, and hang silver beet on some of the cuttle bone.


Just keep young ones out of the aviary I have noticed they seem to annoy adult birds.

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Hi guys how you going just thought i migth update a bit. I have be pretty secssuful with my breeding (3 clutches) 2 lots with 6 babies and 1 with 4 all going well and babies good aswell but there always has to be that 1 that has to cuase all the problems (shes not in avariy) have a qustion i have had a grity sand in the bottom of the aviary but becomes a bit hard to clean so i was thinking i could put suger cane mulch in the bottom as it would be very easy to clean judt rake up and put new stuff down and throw old stuff in garden

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