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Hey All

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Hey all.


From LJ from northwest tas.


Just thought I would stop by and say hello.



Currently I'm trying to colony breed. I have seen it done around my area successful.


lots of Nest boxes at same height is what I have noticed, have heard no bad stories so far.

I have only read on here the bad that comes with Colony breeding.



Hope someone can give me tips.

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Hi LJ and welcome to the forum.

Colony breeding is always referred to as more risky in any literature on budgie breeding not just on this site.

I myself love to breed in a colony and watch the interactions of the flock. But it can have it's flaws so you have to be prepared for problems and have alternative accommodation available for problem birds.

If you read through the post on this forum you will realize that there can be lots of things go wrong in both cage and colony breeding.

Once your aviary is set up and your birds are introduced try not to put any more in as it upsets the order in the aviary.

I set my aviary up and put all the pairs in at the same time so the all get used to it at once, but I have holding aviaries which I keep my spare stock and alternate their breeding.

I also breed in separate cages as well if I want certain pairs to breed.

A picture of your set up would be great. Good luck with your breeding venture.


Cheers Jenny

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I have 9 in the cage.


I have 2 pairs that are about 1 - 2 years old.

the rest are young ones. probably 7 months old.

The two males that have partners are good friends, I have watched them interact is this a good sign?


Also there is a lacey wing that hangs with a female that is partnered up, I'm guessing this is the females off spring cause the female is a lacey wing as well and well her partner likes him/her as well.

This pair were in a breeding cabinet before I got them.


I love watching them interact.


Is there away to have my perches?

I am using tree branches.


My avairy is one of them quarter lawn sheds, where you gotta duck to go in.

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Hi & Welcome, your young 7mths are too young to breed but they will probably try if there are nest box's in aviary.

Cocks birds seem to "hang out" together more than hens. They like perches fairly high, for security I suppose. Tree branch's are fine, if you have nest box's on a shelf say, not very close to each other so the birds have their own space, all about the same height it may work but be aware of the problems you can have as Jenny said.

Good luck with it and keep posting to let us know how you go. :P

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Thanks all.


Can you tell me what mutations my birds are. I think the white one is albino she has a tint of blue or grey hard to see.


I'm unsure what the male is.





Not sure what this male is, he has a really nice shiny blue on his rump.



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