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Base Of Cage


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Hi all, just wondering what is best to put on the base of the cage? My birds always on the bottom eating the seeds that fall out.


At the moment I have these natuarl based pellets (almost like cat litter) not sure how to describe it. The pet shop reconmanded it.


Just wondering what you use? I went to one shop they said newspaper.



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I have a wire grille between the cage tray and the rest of the cage. I put sheets of newspaper in the tray, but I don't know if I'd want my bird walking on newspaper because it seems a little slippery. But I really don't know much about cage tray litter. :)

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I use new paper on the bottom of my cage. They don't seem to have a problem with footing, and I love the sound of their little feet as they run around scavenging, which they're doing right now. Newspaper is cheap, and easy to just change out.


Mine don't chew it, at least not yet. But I'm not terribly concerned, because our local paper switched over to non-toxic inks a few years back.

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