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First Trip To Avian Vet

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Tomorrow, I'm taking Twitter to the avian vet to find out what I can about his feather condition and legs/feet. I'm glad to be meeting her in non-emergency conditions. They have scheduled an hour for the appointment (and charged me accordingly! LOL) so I should have a chance to get to know her, and ask lots of questions.


My first question to you... Should I take food and water with him in the small cage I'll use to transport him?


I hate to see any animal without water, and budgies are so tiny, it just seems they could go downhill fast if they don't eat when they're hungry. It never occurred to me to ask when I made the appointment...



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Well, in my opinion, if you make sure he gets a drink right before you pack him up, he should be fine (budgies don't actually drink a lot of water). As for food, a millet spray or two in the transport cage should be fine, and it'll help him settle into the car better. Also make sure to cover the cage with a light cloth to block the view of the unfamiliar environment.


When I take my budgie on vacation with me I put food and water in his cage as well as a toy or two. But that's when he'll be in the car for several hours, so that's a different story.


Good luck :)

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Thanks Birdlove. Maybe I'll throw a couple pieces of Romaine in along with the millet. That will give him a little liquid if he wants it and will travel without spilling.


We have snow forecast for over night. I've asked my boyfriend to be sure the car is warmed up when he picks us up. The cage will be covered with a heavy bath towel to hold in the heat as well.


An interesting side note, when I bought my 2 birds in September, they were sold with a small cage. I had nothing with me to cover it. They were pretty freaked out as I was carrying them to the car, but I slowed down, and they settled right down. Once in the car, and the car started moving, they started chattering. They actually enjoyed riding.

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If your going to the Vet, don't put any water or food in the cage. Put a sheet of clean paper on the bottom of the cage.

The vet might want to test the droppings.


You can carry the water and food to give on the way home.

Remember that Budgies can go days with out water.

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