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Such Thing As Bond For Life?

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Just wondering if budgies bond for life if conditions are right or if in a flock, budgies would regularly swap partners for breeding seasons. Do you regularly swap pairs around? If so, how do you go about that as I'm having hard enough time getting one pair to bond.


They have been seperated from aviary for about 2 months. For now I have taken the male out and will leave then hen alone for about a week and then return him, if this fails is there anything else I can try or do I need to try and pair them with different budgies? She just seems indifferent to him, doesnt bite or act aggressively.


And if I'm trying to get a pair to bond should they be out of hearing range of other budgies, or I've heard if trying to breed, other budgie noises are a good thing as silence predicts threats in the wild? As at the moment they are all within hearing distance, which would be hard to change actually. Any experience experiementing with this or opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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Some pairs just don't want to bond, try what you are doing but be careful she doesn't go out of condition.

They will breed better with others in earshot, in nature they breed in close proximity.

Cheers Jenny

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are they just in a cage or have you also supplied a box? some hens show no interest until they have a safe nesting site.


They don't mate for life but watching my flock they don't swap around often. I've had one couple set for over a year together in the flock but then another I took out as he was bonding to the wrong bird (he was put into a breeding cage with another) once back in the flock he has since paired up with another hen.

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Hi It might be an idea if you gave us some idea of their age, diet are they in breeding condition etc.??

Most birds including budgies don't mate for life & in a colony situation are not always faithful.

Breeders pair the birds to get the results they want & if not satisfied will change them.

Birds in breeding condition don't need any help to bond, except a box & a good diet. In or out

of hearing other birds...B.J.

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They are both breeding age, she has just gone out of breeding condition but was in there for a good 6 weeks without being interested in him at all. She had bonded with another budgie earlier this year but he happened to be a wildtype budgie who was put in the aviary for a month due to lack of space (since bought a seperate aviary for wild type). Since I have moved the cock back into the aviary he has now taken a fancy to another hen and showing courting behaviour.


As for diet they get ample seed, access to a crumble which they pick at but don't love, and fruit/veges every other day. i did have a box in there and hen didn't go inside. I tried taking it out for a while and putting it back in and no difference :P


I guess they just dont like eachother?


Since I've taken him out she's become determined to chew everything in the cage and shred the paper at the bottom to bits so I might just put her back in aviary as well and wait until she comes back into condition before I try anything else. However everytime I move budgies from aviary to breeding cages even when they are showing full breeding behaviour and going in nest boxes in the aviary, they stop the behaviour? How can I aid the transition better?

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Budgies can bond but you can break the bonds by separating them for 7 days. Some are more difficult if they can hear the other bird.


If i pair two birds in a breed cage (no nest box) and they don't start to feed each other in two weeks I break them up and try different partners.

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If she's chewing and shredding paper etc still sounds like breeding condition behaviour. Could you maybe choose another Cock bird that looks in condition and see what happens? Add the cock bird and if things look promising over a few days or so, add the nest box again. Fingers crossed, she may fancy the next bird. l.o.l.

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