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Full Spectrum Lighting

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I live in Michigan, in the US. Days are already getting shorter, and gloomier. I'm finding I need a light on in the apartment even during the day, for my own comfort.


I'm thinking of buying a florescent fixture, that I can lay on top of the bird cage and putting full spectrum lights in it. They'll replace the natural sunlight, right? And allow for Vitamin D production?


The cage is 6 feet long, but I think a 4 foot fixture will be sufficient. Most come in 2 or 4 bulb sizes. Will 2 be enough?


Since they're florescent, they won't give off heat, will they? Is there anything else I need to consider?


I'm hoping that they will not only be good for the birds, but will give me sufficient light during the day.

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You also need to consider covering part of the cage, which I've heard some people find carshades good to use for this purpose :)

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I'm confused. Why/when are you saying I should cover part of the cage? I do put a sheet over 1 end of the cage at night.


I've continued searching and studying since my original post, and I've found a very interesting article on the Parrot Island website.




Unless someone has information to the contrary, I'm going with a 4 foot, 2 bulb fixture, but just 1 Full Spectrum Bulb in it. I won't be able to use it for all day lighting as I'd hoped. The article says 1 - 2 hours a day max for small birds.


I'd welcome others thoughts on the article.

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Most of us here probably haven't used full spectrum lighting as we breed our birds outside but there may be someone that uses them in their bird rooms who might be able to answer your questions.

Sounds like you have it under control though good luck.

Cheers Jenny

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Thanks, Jenny,

I hope I'm on the right track. I envy people who are able to have their birds outside, mostly because there is room for so many more!


I'm not much of an outdoors person. I can't handle heat or cold and when the temps are good in spring and fall, pollen kills my allergies. Don't tell anyone, but I 'm allergic to feathers, too. One more reason I have to keep the numbers down. People who know me well know I'm crazy.



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you need the bird to have somewhere to hide if they don't want to be in the light...

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Good point, Flip-trainer. If I have a 6' cage and 4' light, I can put the light to one end and leave 2' on the other.. is that sufficient or should I provide some actual shade?



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Actual shade, because the bird'll want to escape the glare of the light from time to time :) and 2 foot wouldn't be sufficient to escape it :)

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okay thank you. I'll figure something out... Sounds like a chance for a neat new toy. Or something!

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