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Will A Budgie Feed A Ringneck Chick

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I have a question, got hens with babies and wondering if I could put a newly hatched ringneck chick with a budgie to feed for a few days???

not sure... doesnt sound right but would like advise here


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You will never know until you try, some will foster some won't but if the only other choice is to let it die then it is worth a try.

It also depends on the age of her own chicks. I regularly put babies of all sorts with different species when I think they will be better off.

I don't use my budgies much as fosters except for other budgies but that is because I have other alternatives but they have in the past reared love birds and

red rumps for me.

Cheers Jenny

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thanks Jenny, yeah I have no other choice at this stage... I guess I should try and see, budgie chicks are bout 1 week to few days old

good to hear you have tried similiar ..

thanks hipes

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Hi Your other choice is to rear it yourself. You don't say if the budgie has her own chicks.....B.J.

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budgie chicks are bout 1 week to few days old



BJ, she did say how old the budgie's chicks are. I'd say it's worth a try, because it is VERY difficult to hand feed a chick from hatching. Much harder than trying to hand feed an older chick.


If the budgie mother can keep it alive for a week or two, then you could take over yourself if the ringneck chick became too much for a budgie.

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