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Moved Unfed Chicks

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Hi I just wanted an opionion, I have a first time mum and found her first hatched unfed and near the corner of the nest box.... so I moved it to another hen with 3 few day old chicks . Today I found another hatched chick (last one) this time it was under her and also unfed.... not sure when it hatched was working all day.

I decided to leave it for an hour or so before it got dark, but it wasnt feed still so I moved it.


I just wanted to ask if I should give her another shot and give her back a chick in the morning and check throughout the day if she does feed it? And also the nest I fostered them to has now 5 and more to hatch!

if so how long after its crop goes empty should I move it back?


Help here would be great!


Thanks for reading peeps!!

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Hi you could try putting an older chick from the other hen or even her first one back as generally they beg louder for food as they are stronger, often first time mums have trouble with newly hatched babies. Only do this if she is still sitting on more eggs or swap the next hatching over.

Cheers Jenny

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If she doesn't have more eggs I think I'd leave them with foster mum. As you said she was sitting on second chick, that's better than it being in the corner so she's kept it warm at least. Do you have any other eggs, that look clear you could put under her? (if she has no more eggs) If she sat on those maybe you could swap a chick back to see what happens. You don't want to risk your live chicks but she could be okay 2nd round. I'd give her another chance for the "maternal instinct" to kick in. :)

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thanks for your help, the hen does have more eggs and was still sitting but rest a clear only two fertile, so I put back her oldest chick and it had a full crop when I put it back. Im going to check throughout the day....

see what happens.... if the crop goes empty soon and doesnt seem to feed it then I'll put it straight back to the foster.


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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a couple of weeks. How did this turn out?

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  • 3 weeks later...

yeah worked out well feed the older chick no problem, glad I gave her a chance again.... she's a great mother chicks doing well

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I LOVE it when things work out so well. Congratulations!



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Great news, it's great things turn out well when your "stuck" for what to do. We live and learn, worth a try if it happens again. :rolleyes:

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Great that her mothering instincts kicked in! I usually feel like it's worth it to give a hen another chance, even when they do really poorly the first time around. It seems like the next time they do much better. :)

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