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i guys


i have got a greywing or line pair the hen is purple and father is sky/aqua blue. They are very good breeders and always give me healthy chicks the one thing i noticed is that 1 of my old babies i got from then was not a greywing. i nicknamed her speckled. she had a white head with few black speckles on head she had white wings and black speckles of patches. her primary feathers were balack and had a puprle stomach and back. im still confused on how this happened is it a mutation or mix up or does the parent have a pied/speckled gene.;)


P.S speckle was not a runt and one of the first hatched and im not good with genes markings and stuff.


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roseydoo - pictures would help in this situation to work out what Speckle's is. Of her and the parents.

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yes she was like that but was a bit more white and less black but she was purple sadly speckle had died but i would still like to find out thanks..



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bth_DSCF2674_zpsfbe2454d.jpgmiddle: mum,purple

left: dad,light blue


sorry i dont have a picture excalty so those are the parents i will take a picture next time i get a baby from breeding..

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hi everyone


i have a weird question to ask, my breeding pair 1 purple greywing (hen) and skyblue greywing (cock) had chicks a while ago. all of them were greywings except for 1 i named her speckle. she had a whit head with small black speckleson head. She had whit wings with large black speckles on wing all her primary feathers were black with a purple tinge also her tail. they have had a few like this while breeding. can this happen? is it rare? is it common?



bth_DSCF2674_zpsfbe2454d.jpg middle: purple mum left:skyblue dad










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Hi are they breeding in a cage by themselves or are they in a colony, if colony then there is often uncertainty about who the dad can be I have also on occasions had the odd hens lay in the same box. Also it is hard to tell from the photo if your hen is greywing or spangle from the front, can you post a photo of her back? It sounds like speckles may have been a violet recessive pied and although you can get pieds from any pair that are split for pied if both parents are greywing then even the pied young should be greywing as well. Hope this helps Cheers Jenny

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Hi. If the parents are both greywings, then there is no way they can produce a black wing chick.


(By the way, all the birds in that photo are just beautiful!!)


However, the view of the mother doesn't tell us anything about her wing markings. She has a nice strong violet color, so she could be a clearwing, a full body greywing, or perhaps, you would know this better than I could, she could be a spangle, where the spangle markings are so thin, that they appear grey. But if that were the case, then you would be seeing a lot more black wing babies from her. So I guess that idea isn't much help.


It's too bad you can't get a photo of Speckle. Can you get a photo of the mother from behind?




In case anyone is wondering why roseydoo posted the same photo and question twice, and Hilly and I posted similar answers, it's because I had to merge two separate topics together. Hilly had answered in one, and I had answered in the other. So now everyone should literally be on the same page. :P

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Mum's throat spots look grey to me in the photo Finnie, she could still be spangle.

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hi guys i have a picture of the mothers back




thanks for your help still laring the ways of the forums. And yes there could be multiple fathers but they are all the same greywing patern i not sure genes possibly?

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Do you actually have apicture of speckles? It would help to determine what he/she is.

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Well, the mother is definitely a spangle, but whether she's a normal one or a greywing one is hard to tell from that photo. Very likely normal.


If all the males are greywings, then she has to be a normal black wing in order to produce a black winged chick. So you can expect more chicks with black wing markings in the future. If that never happens, then Speckles may have just been a darkly marked greywing.

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thanks everyone!

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