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No Wonder I Get Confused.

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This is last of my winter bred chicks.


Dad. As far as I know green normal,maybe / cinnamon.





Mum. ( was told ty.2 Cobalt rec pied). SHE ALSO HAS SOME SPANGLE FEATHERS ON HER BACK.




chicks in nest.




Note violet pied.




Where would violet pied come from?


These pics look large to me hope they are okay.

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Hi Robyn your hen is definitely a dominant pied and not recessive and most likely yf sky violet or violet she also looks like she may be opaline but it is hard to tell from the front, I can't see any spangle in her from the angle of the photo though you definitely have spangle young. Are they colony or cage bred? If colony the dad is a bit of a raffle, if cage bred you got yourself a lovely variety of colours dad must be split opaline and blue. That's what I love about breeding budgies you often get some nice surprises very pretty babies.

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I agree with Hilly, except that to get violet, you need to also have a dark factor, and it didn't come from the light green dad, so mom must be cobalt, not sky. Violet factor can be hard to see on yfs, so maybe mom is violet. But dad could also be violet, because green sometimes masks violet. If you are really good, you can see violet on a green, but I think most of the time you can't.


It's possible that the mom could be double factor dom pied. Did any of the chicks come out not pied?


It's also possible that she could be both visual recessive pied and dom pied at the same time. But you wouldn't be able to tell that, because the chicks would only be split to the recessive pied. Testing her with a recessive pied mate could be tricky, too, because the chicks could come out looking just like mum, which gets you right back to square one. If you could prove that every single chick she produces is split to recessive pied, then that would be a good indicator, but gee, that would be a lot of test matings, and probably not worth it! :P


Yeah, I would agree that the surprises you get from breeding budgies and the fun of trying to figure out what genes your birds have is what makes it all worth it. Once one of my customers pointed out that it was kind of like a big science project. That was a pretty good observation.

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Some pics of Mum






not good pics sorry

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Hi Robyn, mum is definitely opaline but she looks spangle from one side but not from the other side, to me anyway lol. Finnie is right mum must be violet I said sky violet in case there was a chance of the green not being the dad, like if she mated another male prior to being put into a separate cage as they can carry sperm for a couple of weeks. Looking at the chicks there seems to be two non pied young from that angle anyway so mum is only single factor if they aren't pieds. Also mum may be split for recessive pied but she has iris rings so I think that rules out a combo pied. You also mentioned dad might be split cinnamon, is that because of the light green spangle in the top right hand corner as it is hard to tell if it is cinnamon, greywing or just a lightly marked spangle, maybe some photos once it leaves the nest we might be able to tell better.

Cheers Jenny

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She is definitely opaline spangle and violet. The colour on her shoulder and lower belly area certainly suggests violet but it's harder to tell due to the yellow pigment from the YF and the pied markings. Dad does not have the violet factor.


I'm with hilly on the cinnamon bit. Would need better pics of the youngsters to tell if they are cinnamon (they'd have to be hens too).


Oh and she is definitely SF dommie as at least one of the chicks is non-dommie. Dunno re the rec pied combo and I'm with Finnie test breeding but probably not worth the effort anyway - besides, what a lovely batch of really different chicks you got out of that pairing!!!

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Thanks Hilly & Nubbly.

None of these chicks seem cinnamon but when Hulk (dad) was paired with another non cinn hen they had a cinnamon chick. Which made me think Dad must be split cinn. as I think I read a hen can't be split cinn. :unsure: I paired these 2 hoping to get some green & gold pieds. Hulk and a hen that died bred some beauties. I think one is going to be a green and gold but very dark green. They are all great colours though.

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correct a hen can't be split for cinnmon. love the chicks

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Thanks Nerwen, I keep trying to get better pics of chicks colouring, until I can get them out in sunlight it doesn't give a true colour at all, I'll have to wait a few more days.

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Yeah, I can't wait for more pics of them either. It's going to be another gorgeous clutch of yours, Robyn!

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Hi all adding new pics of chicks, 1-6 are chicks now. 7-8 coming out to have a test fly.9-last nest for season 6 chicks 3 spangle cinn.3 cinn normal. even I could guess their mutations. l.o.l.



















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Beautiful chicks Robyn (not that i would expect anything else :) ). I really love the second chick.

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Thanks Nadene, I'm really pleased with them. No 2 I'm thinking of naming, Him? Opal. because of the colours very soft but beautiful.


The cinnamon nest is looking good also, Dad has no tail feathers, pulled out as a chick, (he also broke his leg that I managed to fix) he's a nice bird though, a great Dad. Mum was a spangle? similar to spangle chicks in picture. I won't put any more down now until maybe Feb. or so. :)

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I am in SO much trouble! I want one of each! Do you suppose the apartment complex might have a problem with that?

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They are really gorgeous, Robyn!!

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Thanks Finnie, they are all out in flight now, I've taken out my cages so they have full aviary to fly in.

Haven't counted but seems to be a lot of cock birds, AGAIN. Such is life !!

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