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New Scaly Face Product

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Finally a ivermectin product in Australia for birds. :) Avimec made by Vetafarm just released this month and even says it is for budgerigars on the bottle. I found it on ebay and then went to the vetafarm website to make sure it is a real product. The website also shows how to apply it using the dropper bottle.


I just thought this might help the people who have trouble getting ivermectin from their vet.

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Thanks Nadene,

One of my budgies has it and I have been using a cheap product that is working really slow but I am going to buy some of this and give it a try.

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Here is a link for anybody who wants to find it.

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that's great news :) easier people can get this product the fast birds are treated.

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Can we buy it locally or do we have to order off line?

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I'm not sure, Jono, but if you go to the home page of that site, there is a field where you can search for your nearest retail outlet. They might not carry all products, but if they receive enough interest in it, they might decide to stock it. Worth checking on. http://www.vetafarm.com.au/

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Cheers Finnie will try find out!

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Go to the Vetafarm web page and there is a place to put in your post code and they show the nearest suppliers .



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hey does this product work?


Anyone tried it?

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