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hi all im new to this forum i have 5 budgies atm 3 cocks and 2 hens i will put picks up soon im in australia in queensland im finding it hard to find breeders in my area which is clifton but i do travel to toowoomba and warwick.

im looking to breed english/exhibition budgies but right now i have 4 pet types and 1 ex show english this will be my first breeding season and dont know what im doing lol

if u can help it is much appreciated im looking foward to talking to all the members :-)

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Hi and welcome.

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Hi b4l!


There are quite a few clubs around on the east coast (although being here in WA I don't know exactly where they are). Maybe contacting the Aust National Budgerigar Council will help put you in touch with your closest affiliated club.

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ty i was gonna put pics up but dont know how to do it so grrr

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Welcome to the forum!

There is a topic on the forum that tells you how to upload and post photo's.

This should help.


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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

I'm new here too and had trouble with pictures but I found this. It helps :D Good luck!


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i have photobucket but it wont paste my pics grrrrr i done everything it says in the above links


i tryed but this wont paste the img code onto here

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Hi budgies4life, at first it looks like it is posting the code in this box but it will post the picture. To make sure it is right just check it before you hit the post button.

Good luck with the pictures :)

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