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Is She A Texas Clearbody?

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I've been in doubt of Autumn's mutation since I've had her for around 4-5 months.


She has both black and grey stripes...and even 2 of her throat spots appear quite dark, looks like black, or probably is black.


She has Pink feet, which I was told cannot be present on a normal Greywing. So I wondered if she were a Cinnamon Greywing....as Cinnamons often have Pink Feet. I was told she's some sort of hybrid (ouch) as she doesn;t have the typical Grey tail quill like Greywings do. She has it clear with grey coloured tail feather..


At first I thought she was dirty, so appeared like and odd greywing...but then she moulted and now she looks like this.


However I recently came across Barrie Shutt's Website (click and find Texas Clearbody) because I remembered that Texas Clearbodies do have grey and black stripes...and after comparing the pictures, the colour of the stripes look the same to my inexperienced eyes, + those have Pink Feet too!


But then she has too much colour to be a clearbody. But then she's a hen...so makes it more likely she'd be a TCB or Cinnamon combined with Greywing.


I was also told by a Breeder of TCB that she looks like a TCB to him as well here.


Before moulting.








After moulting/









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Not a TCB. It is a Greywing still going through the moult by the looks.

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Rashu, you are right that cinnamons have pink feet. But I have plenty of greywings with no cinnamon at all that also have pink feet. Recessive pieds, inos, and the other pieds can also have pink feet. Anything that reduces their melanin can make their feet pink.

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greywings are meant to have grey feet not pink

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greywings are meant to have grey feet not pink


Then what do you think she is?

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Meant to being the operative word Kaz. If you rely too heavily on the standard (which is only an opinion of perfection) then you get too bogged down on detail. So many things can affect colour of feet, markings, etc etc that you can get really tangled in the "but the wing markings are more grey than brown" or "it's feet are pink not grey".


Even with pink feet it looks greywing. It may have been bred through Cinnamon or maybe the dilution is affecting foot colour too. Who knows.


All I can say is that with the evidence presented here it looks like a greywing. Maybe down the track with some breeding results under her belt there may be evidence of something else.

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