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A Quick Thankyou


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I just wanted to say a quick thanks for this wonderful forum. Around 12 months ago I took in two budgies that needed a home. Another three budgies later I now have five birds (in my dining room!) and have become so attached to them that I wanted to find out more about them. I found this site and have read so much information that it has inspired me immensley. I am joining my local budgie club this Friday, with the intention of learning about and breeding show birds. I still have to move through the basics such as building myself an avery and buying a selection of birds to establish my breeding lines. Thanks to this site I am going to try to begin by breeding Australia yellow-face blues, normals and violets. I hope to have my avery built by early next year. I will keep poping in to let your forum know how I go on this new journey.

Thanks once again


Aviary. I need to learn to spell while I am learning about the budgies! :lightbulb:

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Goodluck Pebble , There are some nice members in the Newcastle club .

Wish you all the best , and remember to enjoy and have fun. :)

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It is always nice to see another bird enthusiast on here. I would love to see any pictures of your budgies :)

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