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Oral Treatment Of Scaly Face Mite

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I have a couple of birds in an aviary that are showing signs of scaly face. It would be very difficult to catch each bird one at a time to treat them, so I asked my dad to drop by the vet and see if they had any scaly face treatment that could be given in water.

He comes back with Ivomec for orally treating sheep, but with a print-out of how much to give in water for budgies based on their weight. According to that I need to give 175ml (I have 20 birds) but I don't know how much water, or if it is a one-time treatment only or not! And I've heard that this stuff doesn't dilute in water and doesn't treat scaly face so I'm a little confused now.

Any help?

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A well known vet in Wollongong supplied me the same , the intructions where to give one drop orally & yes there where instructions to add it to the water.I dont bother adding it to the water,i have a lot more birds than you ,so basically you have to find the time to catch them up & apply one drop orally to each bird & also place a drop on the back of the neck.They carry on a bit coughing & spluttering and feeling sorry for themselves for an hour or so after treatment but i have done this for a while now ,and have never lost a bird there is no signs of scaly face on any of my birds.I know you will get other people saying that the cattle ivermectin is better,all i am saying is that i use the sheep ivermectin supplied by a vet and it works for me .

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