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Can Our Budgie Have A Mate?

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Hi there, we have a handreared male budgie of about seven months old, he is just gorgeous and is very tame and even speaks quite fluently. He was the result of an aviary pair that killed their other babies and we managed to save this one from four days old. He lives inside in a cage, and is handled every day, but can he have a mate? We would love to give him a friend to play with. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks so much.

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Hi A, boy. Yes of course your bird can have a friend. But why would he need one

when he;s got you??? ......B.J.

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Why were all the posts deleted from this?

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I don't know wth

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I know she has posted another topic with the same content if you look at your history you will find the other topic and this one not sure why she posted another one supprised that admin let her post another topic that was pretty much the same :o

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