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Rosie, Ill Miss You.


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Today, Rosie, my most loved bird has had its life shortened to this point.


Yesterday whilst my mum was putting the other bird in with the breeding pair, the cat must of snuck through and hid in the garage.


That night she went to a concert and i went to my dads, we returned home today and had found that william ( the black cat) was next to the breeding cage with the breeding box slightly moved, i also found the male breeding budgie on top of the other girls cage and the cat fiercly looking at it, i had no sight of rosie, and immedietly put the cat out side and began to search for rosie. I looked all through all the nestboxes i had and the cage everywhere, but couldnt find her. ! i then saw a few feathers (tailfeathers) and looked behind the mirror and found a pile of feathers. alot of them, im guessing that the cat ate the bird fully because i cant find rosie anywhere.



Rosie you will be greatly missed and my favourite, ill miss you. <3

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Oh what a dreadful end. Sorry for your loss. And i'd want to kill that cat but there's no point.

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That is so unfortunate, i am sorry for your loss.

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I would have kicked That cat to china sorry for your little rossie


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I am so sorry for your loss, especially in such an upsetting way. :(

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Thankyou everyone, at least i have my other two beautiful budgies and two amazing Scarlet-chested parrots to get me through this bad time. :)

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