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Farewell Little Maddie.


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My little Maddie went to Heaven this morning at the Brisbane Bird Vet Hospital. We took her there yesterday as she started breathing heavily & was sitting on the bottom of the cage lots of the time. The avian vet took an x-ray & Maddie had a large liver. They dosed her with the necessary medication, but unfortunately she lost the fight this morning, just after they fed her. I am broken-hearted - such a little bundle to cause me so much heartbreak.

I had rescued Maddie on the 26.01.11 (Australia Day) when I was walking my dog, Molly. She was flying overhead, being chased by crows. She flew down into some long grass & I found her & held her to my chest all the way home, not knowing if she would survive the ordeal. She was bleeding a bit where the crows had attacked her, but she survived, which made me so happy. I grew to love her so much & she seemed to love me too, always getting excited when I approached her cage (she had 3 cages - small for travelling, medium for holidays & going outside with me & a large flight cage).

She didn't like being handled, but she would get on my hand & hop up my arm. And she talked so much & she danced. A happy little budgie with a great personality. She was so beautiful - all white, but with a bit of the most beautiful bright blue above her tail.

I didn't have her for long, but she became such an important & vital part of my life. My heart is broken.

The vet has informed me that bird seed contains too much fat - here I was thinking that I was doing the right thing by buying Maddie a good brand of bird seed & giving her some spinach leaf & apple.

IT IS NOT WELL-KNOWN THAT BIRD SEED IS UNSUITABLE IN A BIRD'S DAILY DIET. There should be more info out there on this, & more birds would live longer.

Farewell little Maddie. I miss you so much & I can't believe that this has happened so suddenly. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure whilst you were here my little darling.

Much love from Mummy. xxx

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Let her r.i.p sorry for your loss

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I'm sorry for your loss. :( I think I remember when you were new here and had just found her. You did a great job rescuing her and giving her almost another year of happy life. :)


Don't beat yourself up too much about the seed. Sometimes they become over weight for other reasons. By adding fresh food supplement to her diet, you were giving her a proper diet. They do require some seed after all.


She may have lacked exercise, she may have had a genetic predisposition for fatty liver disease, or it could have been a result of her trauma from the wild bird attack.


Anyway, since you are such a caring bird owner, have you considered filling the hole in your life with another bird that needs a good home?

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Hi Finnie,

Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate it & it helps to talk to someone who understands & cares.

Yes I have thought of getting another little budgie & will do so after my travels.

Again thank you for your thoughts.

Love the picture of the baby birdies!

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It is obvious that you loved her dearly and she will be in your heart for the rest of your life, you are obviously a beutiful soul having taken her into your life and protecting her when she needed it the most. Well done and R.I.P Maddie

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