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What Sex Are My New Budgies.

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Hi all. Just bought two new budgies off my friend.


He said there a male and female but which is which! Also the green one has something around its eyes. Any idea what??






Thank you!

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cant tell the genders but the green one seems to be having a scaly face (mites) issue I think, go to the vet once you have had confirmation from other forum members it is indeed mites and get some spot-on Ivermectin tomorrow, that should cure her/him and you will want to treat the other one too to be sure...

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Thanks for that... Do you need a better photo of it up front to tell teh sex?

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I would say the blue (violet dominant pied at a guess) bird is the hen and the "green" (Australian? yellowface sky, not sure of any other variety from the photo) is the cock and he needs scaly face mite treatment urgently. Also check your "friends" other birds if they still have any to see if they also require treatment.

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I would say the same as Bad Hair Day.


The Blue is a hen and the Green a cock bird.


Definitely scaly face on the Green bird.

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How can you treat it?? Anything you can buy from pet shop??

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Get some ivermectin from a vet, tell the vet it is for scaly face treatment for a bird. What suburb are you in? I and some other Perth members might be able to direct you to the appropriate vet(s).

You don't want to muck around with this, it is fairly advanced from what I can tell, you want something that is going to work.

Ivermectin is simply given by one drop on the back of the neck of the bird, easy as :-)

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okay thanks. Yeah I didn't look good and I wanna sort it out ASAP.


I'm north of the river. Joondalup area, anyone know a good vet this way?

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Call Ocean Keys vets at Clarkson (behind Bunnings opposite Better Pets and Gardens) and see if you can speak to Anita. Tell her I (Claudia) told you to call them to ask if you can pick up some ivermectin to treat a bird without having to take the bird in. Tell them you have confirmation from various bird forum member that the bird definitely has scaly face and that it needs treatment asap.

The vets number is 9408 6999.

The good thing with this vet is they only charge $40 to see a bird if they do want you to bring the bird in (some vets insist on that though these guys are normally pretty good but that is also because they know me) so that is pretty good.

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Thanks so much for your help. I have made an apointment and going there tonight.


Thanks and will let you know how he does :)

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They look like they could be nice birds Jono, not so your friend for letting your little fellow get into that state without treating it.

Maybe he/she could do with a bit of reading on here as well.

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Yeah thats why I grabbed them. Should make some nice babies once there are heathy again. He lost intrest in them so got it off him.


Add to my family... 2 loirkeets and one budgie :)

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How did it go at the vets?

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The Vets was good :) He gave me some ivermectin. Have to give it one drop a week and see how it goes.


He said it wasnt too bad so lucky we caught it now.


thanks for all your help guys!

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Good to hear Jono.

I do like your hen she is very nice.

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I'll get some better photos when the scaly face is all cleared.

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Great to hear :-)

He is one heck of a vet (assuming you saw Adrian) even if he is not a dedicated avian vet ;-)

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If the scaly mites has cleared up, can you post some full body pics of your birds?

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Hi guys! Quick up date... The scaly mites is clearing up but slowly!


But had a huge shock today when I did my rounds.... I found an egg!




Will post pictures as I go. Hoping for more as I would like to put them in my spare aviary.



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Hi Jono. I'm glad things went well at the vet visit.


I know you are excited about breeding your budgies, but putting them down to breed when their health is questionable, and also so soon after they have moved to a new home, is usually a recipe for disaster. I'm kind of surprised that this has been posted for five days now, and I'm the first one to say anything. Maybe they all don't want to rain on your parade. :)


My advice for a good budgie breeding experience would be to remove that nest box and throw away any eggs they've laid, and let them heal up and rest a few months first. It may be hard to do if you're excited about the egg, but your poor cock has already been through enough, being neglected and allowed to remain sick with the scaley face until you got him and started giving him a better life.


If you care about him, you really shouldn't put him through the stress of feeding his hen and chicks for the next three months. It's recommended that budgies be fully fit before beginning the breeding process.


Did you also treat the hen with ivermectin?

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  • 2 months later...

Babies update!




Well two eggs hatched and both parents doing very well :). Here is the dad and baby.... Baby one is on the left. Love the colours!





and the other one this one is a couple days younger but again doing really well and eating great.

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Great colors you got from them 2, your male looks a lot better now.

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They are so cute. You must be very happy.


Dads eye looks great.

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Very pretty chicks, glad Dads scaly face doesn't seem to have worried him feeding bubs. Has it cleared up entirely? :)

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Very very nice colours hope dads scally face is gone and will never come back

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