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Sky Seems To Be Doing Better. Can I Reintroduce Him To The Other Birds

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Sky went through a lot for the last 3 months.


It all started with me noticing his face all stained with his mucus and severe tail bobbing, abnormal droppings, 1.5 months after I had got him.


Details Here


He was quarantined, and soon Vanilla got the same symptoms...and they were both quarantined together.


There aren't avian vets here. I did take all the birds to a vet who didn't seem to have any idea what could be wrong, he simply pretended I was giving them the right treatment.


Vanilla died in an accident about 4 weeks ago, so Sky has been lonely ever since.


I put him on a very long course of antibiotics for over 2 months as he relapsed within a week each time I stopped his medicines (runny cere).


However I have stopped his medicines for the third time about a week ago, and am now giving all the birds Aloe Vera gel mixed with water.


So Sky doesn't have a tail bob (although sometimes his tail seems to bob slightly, but I assume that's just normal since Winter and Emmett do that too, the tail doesn't stay still). That also happens when he chirps, so I think it's just a normal reflex?


He hasn't had a runny nose or abnormal droppings since I stopped his medicines and started Aloe Vera water's course (as far as I know it is not an antibiotic?)


He looks very active too. He flaps his wings a lot, almost finished his first moult, bobs his head, does the usual crazy budgie stuff.


So I was thinking I'd observe him for another week and if all goes well I'll introduce him to Winter and Emmett once again (that'd be 2 weeks after stopping of the medicines)


A recent Video of him. But he looks much better today.


Note: It's really hot in my country. Temperature goes up around or more than 104 degree Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celcius), so which might cause the panting.




What do you think?


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Looking well :D I agree with your decisions :)

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