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Does This Mutation Exist?

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Hi, I'd like someone who knows budgie mutations to help me with something. I'd like to know, do sky blue budgies with spangle, greywing or clearwing markings exist in the English budgie, in Australia? I ask because it's my favourite mutation but I've never seen an English budgie even on the internet and I'm wondering if it's too much to ask when looking for a bird, or not. Any help would be great, thank you!

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They most certainly do exist in Australia :) I have two sky blue spangle hens that are the show-type budgies :) KAZ I believe would have some in Greywing, and Nubbly would have clearwings I think.


They are around most definitely - you're in Melbourne - GB would have some too I would think :) She is in Vic too

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Thanks Amy, that's fantastic. I've never seen it on an English budgie before, they must be so beautiful! Do you have any pics? :)

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Here is a spangle opaline sky blue (split violet) and his half-sister, a sky-violet spangle


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Squeak, a budgie can be a single factor or double factor violet, but it cannot be split for violet.

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English budgies reside in England. Here they are referred to as SHOW BUDGIES, CLUB RUNG BUDGIES OR SHOW TYPE OR EXHIBITION TYPE BUDGIES.

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