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Budgie Had A Fit?

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I checked on my budgies this morning because they were making a lot of noise. One of the birds was on the floor of the cage, and it was as though one of her legs was paralysed. She was flapping around and kept falling onto her back, seemed to be having some kind of epileptic fit I think. Within minutes however she seemed to regain control, and although her balance was all over the place and she kept twitching her head slightly, she made her way back onto the perch.

And now, an hour later, she's fine.


Any idea what happened? I looked up budgies having strokes or similar, so could that be it? I don't want her to appear fine right now and then have this happen again, and her die.


Thanks. :)

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There's probably no way to know what caused it. Maybe that's why you haven't gotten any responses from anybody. Has it happened again since? You might want to make a note of the episode and the date in her record, for future reference.

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Thanks for your reply!

I did figure that not many people may have an idea of what caused this to occur, but I figured that it was worth a shot asking--couldn't do any harm, and someone may have had something similar happen to them.

Regardless; this hasn't happened again, luckily, and she is as healthy and normal as ever. I did record it, to make sure I remember and can keep an eye on her for similar attacks.

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