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Love Some Expert Opinions Please!

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Hi there, may I please have some help with sexing three budgies that are fooling me? Ive included pics so you can see their full body markings too, so hope that helps. I did not use a flash for these pics. If anyone would like to add a description of the mutation Id be ever so grateful too thanks. smile.gif


Budgie No.1





Budgie No.2





Budgie No. 3 - is this a normal lutino, or classed as creamino when it is this pale?



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No. 1--Looks like a hen (not 100% sure on gender), a Mauve Recessive Pied.


2- Male. A Skyblue Opaline double factor Dominant Pied Greywing.


3- Female. She would be a Creamino (which is a Yellowface Albino), as the yellow is a creamy colour and restricted mainly to her face. As she gets older, it will spread over most of her body, but she will never be an even golden colour like Lutinos are.



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2- Male. A Skyblue Opaline double factor Dominant Pied Greywing.


2 is NOT double factor.................as evident by body colouration and wing markings



YELLOWFACE Skyblue Dominant Pied Greywing

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The recessive pied at number 1 is also opaline


The yellow face greywing dominant pied is not opaline

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Number 1 looks like a male to me..

Number 2 looks male also..

Number 3 looks female..



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Many many thanks everyone!!!! your comments are much appreciated :) :) :)

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I think #1 looks violet, not mauve, and I agree with Twisted that it's a male.


I agree with Twisted, Neville and Kaz about #2. Gorgeous bird!


On #3, I think one photo shows brown cere and one photo shows pink cere, so I'm not convinced it's a hen, but creamino, yes.

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