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How To Hand Tame Baby Budgies In The Nest

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I read somewhere that sometimes brothers and sisters give blind chicks. I don't have much experience, My budgies are in flight cages and they are not tame. I would suggest having some small cages for training purposes. This is one of my babies in her new home. She likes to groom eyebrows but won't do it for the camera.



She used the method described somewhere on this site. Leaving her hand in the cage for a while without disturbing the bird (daily). Hand-feeding millet, then getting the bird to step up. This little female was very shy and still is however she is coming around. Also she has clipped wings but this was only so that she wouldn't hurt herself being new there. The cage is a play top.

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Hi funkypanda do not remove chicks and feed them yourself, they will die. They need certain nutrition fr mother for 1st 7 days, like a milky substance that cannot b copied by humans. They also need a lot of warmth from mom, hence they hav feathers! They r only out of danger after 14 days. Some experts handrear them after 14 days but they r experts!be careful! Little knowledge is dangerous+ heartbreaking! I've lost many babies+cried a lot, read+learn+google+read, Maz7

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