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New Budgies In Wolverhampton

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I am now 28 years old and realised that my dad is getting older and remembered how much fun we had when I was younger having budgies, I woke one morning and realised how old my dad was and missed how much fun we had having budgies, I have now in a new relationship and my beautiful wife to be has realised how much fun budgies are, I have now bought an aviary and currently have 18 birds with 6 nest boxes available, I have a hen on 5 eggs and have now got my dad involved again after 15years and looking for new budgies to breed as a hobbie for me and my dad.


Any help and advise on people selling budgies to remind me off my dad having 100+ budgies would be much appreciated and looking foward again to breeding budgies and bringing the good old days back to me and my dad and want to breed budgies again and enjoy with my future wife also


I look foward to your help and advise and appricate your comments


Many thanks Gary,Sharon and Steve



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Hi Gary,Sharon and Steve


the first thing I am going to have to advise you is AGAINST colony breeding or you are set for heartache


please read this including all links in that article http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=28294&hl=


you will find it better to use the aviary for a free flying fun place to be and remove pairs to breeder cages to do safer breeding.


Also no budgies under the age of 12 months should be in any environment where there are nestboxes or they will be force bred before they are physically and mentally ready to do so.


Hope this helps :)


and if you follow this advice you will have the enjoyment without most of the heartache that comes with breeding budgies.

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Hi Woody and gang, welcome to the forum!



Kaz has given you great advice. :) I hope you read up on all of the colony breeding info. A long time ago, colony breeding used to be recommended as the "Thing to do", and I even have books explaining how to aviary breed multiple species. (Really OLD books, and I shudder at some of their suggestions!)


And there are still a lot of people who colony breed and say it's fine. But from all the reading I have done, I definitely get the impression that colony breeding will eventually lead to bloodshed and heartache.



Anyway, I hope you have a lot of fun with your birds. I think people who live in a climate where outdoor aviaries are possible are lucky. :)




Oh, and I can't help wondering just how old is your dad, anyway? I have a 26 year old daughter, and I don't especially consider MYSELF to be all that old....... :D

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